Why are we MTI

The MTI Management team have recently been through a book Start with Why. by Simon Sinek.  You may have seen him in a TED Talk or also read the book.

Some great resources of his can be found here:
His TED Talk

What was great about this book for us was that we realised that MTI was built on Why from the very start. We did not understand it or articulate it as well as Simon but MTI exists because of a Why.

The Why drove who we were and what we offered to our clients.  Whilst IT Services were a strong theme, we didn’t want to say we were an IT company and we actually had other non-IT related service offerings.  Instead we set things up in such a way to facilitate the Why.  The why was and still remains, that we want to help business people to further their businesses. Knowing the Why meant that we could then fulfil the values that MTI stands for: Morals, Mission, Mentoring, Truth and Integrity.

The method we use to achieve our desire to help others these days is predominantly IT, however the Why has not changed; we are driven by the Why of helping people.  We actually do knock back clients if we think they are not a fit and we cannot work together to achieve the goal of helping them succeed.

We hope that this helps you see that our goal is to work with you to make your business better.  We believe that we can do that through Morals, Mission, Mentoring, Truth and Integrity.
We believe that this should lead to a strong and trusting relationship, one where you trust us to give honest pricing and systems that integrate, protect and facilitate strong use of your data.   These things will then help to make your business better and deliver you success.

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